Fast. Reliable. Integrated.

Transform your business to digital easily with Unigate®, a fast, reliable, integrated customer experience management platform. It gives you everything you need to engage with your digital customers in any industry.


Manage them all. In one, single platform. Build your content management strategy and manage your whole content throughout your digital assets: web sites, ecommerce systems, portals, mobile apps. As many as you want, in any language. In one, single platform.

Backend Service

Use Unigate® backend as a service (BaaS) for your mobile apps. Use expanded feature set to create engaging mobile apps. Avoid rework and complex infrastructure setup to save man.days and complete projects fast.

Customer Experience

Bring your big data together in a single place and deliver consistent customer experience. Wherever they are, whenever they like.

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Why should you prefer Unigate?:

While needs and expectations may vary across different businesses and industries, Unigate’s high standards help deliver certain values to all projects:

Unigate is easy to use CMS


Fast learning curve for users and developers. Start out-of-box. Setup in minutes. Save time, save cost. Increase productivity. Be profitable.

Unigate is highly available and scalable


Sustainable against creahes and attacks. Suitable for 7/24 Service Level Agreement (SLA). Realtime analytics. Easy Back-up, live technical track record.

Unigate is a flexible CMS


Offers unprecendented out-of-box features to ensure high performance under heavy campaign and promotion traffic. The load-balancing feature predicts the load and optimizes systemic resources.

Unigate is a flexible CMS


Develop further through Plug-in Architecture and customize for specific needs without touching the backend framework of the system.

Unigate have a powerful infrastructure


Unigate is built on top of the reliable .NET infrastructure, which is already well-known and favored by the IT professionals community. This makes Unigate stable, customizable, and adaptable.