Boost your employee experience now with our newly launched "Intranet" and "Human Resources Management" solutions!

Unigate provides very powerful features not only for developers but also for non-developers such as marketers, corporate communicators, and content editors.

While a developer can easily integrate, customize, and extend Unigate as well as develop new apps from scratch via its framework, a marketer can quickly respond to market expectations by leveraging “low-code / no-code” capabilities or "Rapid Solution Packages".

End-to-End Integrable Modular Solutions!

Thanks to the end-to-end modular structure of Unigate, you can directly use the capabilities and applications on the platform, or perform easy integrations with your existing information systems.

Take your content beyond the corporate website (to mobile applications, other systems, devices, etc.) with the "Headless" and "Hybrid" content approaches provided by Unigate.

3rd Party
Source Systems
Unigate Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
Customer-Crafted Custom Apps and Processes
Web Site
Human Resources
Content Management System (CMS)
Low-Code / No-Code App Dev Capabilities
3rd Party
Destination Systems

The basic role of conventional Content Management Systems (CMS) is to let manage your content effectively and publish them on the web.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), on the other hand, are new generation technology platforms equipped with much more effective experience, management and platform capabilities to maximize the experience offered to users, while also containing CMS competencies.

Gartner® Report

The Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for User Experience, 2023 report delivers a rich analysis to reflect the macro trends in the User Experience field. The report suggests that the focus continues to shift from single practices, tooling and technology to platforms, processes and methodologies.

We believe that the Unigate DXP can be a fundamental tool throughout your journey to adapt to these new innovative trends. You can access the full report from the link below, until 1 April 2024.


Thanks to the Core modules offered by Unigate DXP, you can have an independent development platform.

While the Unigate Core module allows you to develop any web application you want with its low-code / no-code supported software development framework, the Content Management System (CMS) provided by it, makes it possible to manage your data on all your applications.

All "Rapid Solution" packages we offer are designed to run on Unigate Core.

You Don't Have to Be a "Software Developer"!
Take advantage of the advanced "low-code" and "no-code" features offered by Unigate, and get rid of many technical grinds such as redundant custom development needs and deployment processes!
Content Modelling
Unigate management panel offers business-unit-friendly superior capabilities. You can easily design and publish various types of content on your website that you did not have before.
Workflow Management
You can use pre-built drag-and-drop activities in a user-friendly interface to automate numerous processes on your content management system.
Theme and Template Management
With just a few clicks, you can instantly switch between themes you already have, or easily create and manage new page templates.


Ease of

All the features offered by Unigate have been designed with a very specialized technical skill set, with the highest level of experience, and the aim of being easily used by all types of users.


Content Management

You can easily create and manage an infinite number of content items that you can derive from the content models you have designed for your organization.

Multi-Language Support

You can localize all your content to appeal to countless visitors from all over the world.

Advanced Search

You can perform full-text searches in all fields by benefitting from the advanced indexing capabilities of Apache Lucene and Elastic Search technologies.

Powerful Developer Tools

Unigate provides very powerful developer-friendly tools. A developer can easily integrate, customize and extend Unigate.

Get Rid of Device Dependency with a
Powerful Web Browser-Based Code Editor!

Unigate allows the frontend templates of all static and dynamic content to be edited via the administration panel without any deployment need.

Thanks to the Liquid template language developed by Shopify, it is possible to easily make dynamic manipulations on static templates.

Unigate - Liquid Code Editor
  1. <!-- //TODO: Execute the query to retrieve all published news. -->
  2. <section class="page-content">
  3.    <div class="news-wrap">
  4.       <div class="news-list">
  5.       <!-- //TODO: Create a loop on all retrieved news. -->
  6.          <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-9">
  7.             <div class="news-box">
  8.                <div class="news-title">
  9.                <!-- //TODO: Display related news title here. -->
  10.                </div>
  11.                <div class="news-details">
  12.                <!-- //TODO: Display related news detail here. -->
  13.                </div>
  14.             </div>
  15.          </div>
  16.       <!-- //TODO: Close the loop. -->
  17.       </div>
  18.    </div>
  19. </section>
Custom Queries and Automatic API Generation

Unigate provides very powerful tools that can be used through the management panel for both internal development needs and for 3rd party integrations.

Custom Query Development

You can develop custom SQL and Lucene queries using the Unigate management panel, without the need for any other query management software.

Automatic API Generation

For internal use, you can access all these queries by benefitting from Liquid technology or immediately create REST and GraphQL APIs to share with third parties.

Reliable and Highly Compatible Infrastructure!

Unigate includes very important technologies to benefit from the power of the open-source ecosystem. In this way, it saves you from license dependencies while offering a high-performance and compatible solution.

Cross-Platform & Multi-Database Support

Unigate provides a cost-effective and highly flexible infrastructure. You can run your website on either Windows or Linux, and you can choose the database that suits your needs among SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite options.

High Performance & Robust Infrastructure

Unigate is developed on the open source .Net 8.0 platform that provides high performance and reliable cross-platform capabilities. You can use Unigate's advanced caching and dynamic caching features to further improve your web site & app performance.

Superior Management Capabilities

Unigate offers very advanced tools for achieving sustainability, manageability, and traceability for corporate institutions to focus on excellence in the competitive digital age.


Multi-Tenancy & Scalability

With a single instance, you can host numerous web pages and manage them all via central management.

Advanced User & Permission Management

With flexible and advanced customization possibilities, you can easily manage any combination of users, roles, and permissions in the management panel.

Advanced Log & Audit Trail

You can use the advanced logging and audit trail features provided by Unigate to keep track of all activities occurring on the platform.

Unigate Core Packages
The Unigate Core module is at the heart of the Unigate DXP platform. The packages offered to you determine what advanced additional capabilities Unigate DXP will offer you on the Platform, and are independent of the functionality provided by rapid solution packages.

  • Management (Admin) Panel
  • Content Management (Unlimited)
  • Multi-Language Support (2 Languages)
  • Advanced Search Module
  • Media Gallery Module
  • File/Media Management Module
  • SEO Module
  • Automatic Sitemap Generation
  • Advanced Redirect
  • Google Analytics Desteği
  • Google ReCaptcha Support
  • Automatic Content Publishing
  • Draft Content Management
  • Content Preview
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Email Support
  • HTTPS Support
  • Export Data

Annual Licensing

  • + Starter Package

  • Content Modelling (Unlimited)
  • Content Versioning
  • User Management (Unlimited)
  • Role Management
  • Content-Type Based Permissions
  • Content-Item Based Permissions
  • Multi-Language Support (Unlimited)
  • Front-End Design Mgmt. (Unlimited)
  • Design Management for Admin Panel
  • Placements for Admin Panel
  • Advanced Audit Trailing
  • Taxonomy Module
  • Authentication with Social Media Platforms
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Data Import

Annual Licensing

  • + Professional Package

  • Custom SQL Query Mgmt. (Unlimited)
  • Custom Lucene Query M. (Unlimited)
  • Web Form Management (Unlimited)
  • Workflow Management (Unlimited)
  • SurveyJS Integration Module
  • OpenID (SSO) Support
  • Authentication with Entra ID (Azure AD)
  • Multi-Theme Management (Unlimited)
  • GraphQL Management (Automatic)
  • REST Management (Automatic)
  • Elastic Support
  • Redis Support
  • Dynamic Caching
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Source Code of the Platform
  • Source Code of the Rapid Solutions

Annual Licensing
UnigateRapid Solution Packages

Digitalize fast, thanks to the Rapid Solution packages offered by Unigate DXP!

Unigate DXP offers various fully integrated applications that you can use directly, such as the corporate website, intranet, and human resources management (HRM) applications. You can easily customize all rapid solution platform products with a suitable Unigate Core package and as well as extend them according to your possible new needs.

All "Rapid Solution" packages we offer are designed to run on Unigate Core.

Rapid Solution Packages
In addition to the core technical functionality with high-end capabilities that Unigate DXP offers to you, you can also review our "Rapid Solution" packages that are developed specifically for your needs.
Corporate Web Site

Create your corporate website rapidly with pre-determined information architecture and a flexible design approach and get ahead of the competition in the digital world.

Increase your employee experience and company efficiency with our intranet solution that can play a central role in your internal communication of the organization.

Provide an end-to-end experience for your human resources management processes with our modern HRM solution that works integrated with platform capabilities.
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